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Mold Inspection Crystal Lake

Healthy Home Mold Services Inc. was formed by a group of environmental professionals who came together to offer the latest technologies and procedures for solving mold problems. We firmly believe in continuing education and collaboration with professionals in our field around the world to constantly refine our approaches to providing healthy environments to our clients. Our understanding of mold and how it relates to health concerns is constantly evolving.

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Healthy Home Mold Inspections

Mold Inspection, Testing and Removal

Our Certified Mold Inspectors use the latest testing and inspection procedures to determine if you have a mold issue, and recommend the safest and most economical methods for removing mold. Call today for a free phone consultation

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Mold Inspections

Mold Inspections

The first step in determining the extent of your mold problem is a completed inspection by a Certified Mold Inspector. We will perform a complete visual inspection of your property, document areas of concern, and recommend …
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Mold Testing

Mold Testing

Our Certified Mold Inspectors use the latest testing techniques to help determine the extent of your mold problem. We use surface and air samples as part of our complete mold inspection. Your Certified Mold Inspector will discuss how mold testing …
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Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

Our unique two step mold removal system saves you time and money. Don’t throw your possessions away or tear out drywall until you consult with us. Healthy Home Mold Services Inc. uses an advanced mold cleaning system to return your …
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Don’t let mold stick around! We inspect, test, and remove all mold in your home. Contact us today!


Get The Top Building Restoration Service for Mold for all of McHenry IL!

  • Need mold removal? They can’t stand up to our awesome cleaners!
  • We’ll give your home the all-star treatment and make it look like new again!
  • Our mold remediation service is second to none!
  • That mold really can be gone for good!

If your best efforts to get rid of mold have been fruitless, let the professionals at Healthy Home Mold Removal Services Inc come by for mold remediation at your home or business.  Once mold growth begins, it can be difficult to eliminate from your property. Part of the problem is knowing where to look and to check thoroughly, something that we will do for you. We’ll even take a look at your attic, a common problem area. Watch the video above to find out why!

Yes, Our mold house cleaning service takes care of nasty mold spots

  • We start with a superior inspection that identifies the specific species you’re dealing with.
  • Our mold testers are trained by several reputable agencies such as NAMRI and IAC2.
  • With overnight delivery to a testing lab, results on your inspection are almost instant!
  • If you test negative for mold–good news! It’s likely just a stain or something easy to clean.
  • If you aren’t so lucky, we’ll offer our amazing mold remediation services and start with your approval.

While there are always little microscopic mold spores everywhere, large accumulations of mold don’t belong in your house. And our mold inspection crew will make sure they know they’re unwanted! But one of the first steps of defeating an enemy is understanding your foe. That’s why we begin with a comprehensive mold test that tests not just visible mold, but samples your carpet and even the inside and outdoor air quality. This helps us know what kind of mold you’re dealing with so we can formulate the best plan to combat it. But we’ll only do work with your authorization!

Mold Inspection Services in Crystal Lake IL
We’ll point you in the right direction! At Healthy Home Mold Services, our goal is to see you happy and satisfied with our service. And sometimes that means providing no mold removal work at all! If our inspection shows minimal infiltration, we’ll suggest what we think is your best course of action–even if that means not using our services because you can likely take care of it on your own.

Distraught? Try our moldy upholstery cleaning service to fix furniture, clothing, and accessories!

  • Dreary upholstery got you down? What can you do?
  • You don’t have to get angry at dirty, spotted clothes or furniture!
  • Our intensive upholstery cleaning service can get mold out of just about anything.
  • Even nasty, grimy, musty jackets don’t stand a chance against our team.
  • You’ll be amazed at how your dirty items can look like new again!

Many people think that once mold gets into the fibers of their upholstery or other fabric, there’s nothing they can do but throw it out. Call us before you do that! Even if you’ve tried repeated washing and cleaning, there may still be hope. Our experienced mold cleaning crew knows how to remove mold from dozens of different materials without compromising or ruining it for you, meaning you can save money by not having to get a replacement!
Upholstery Cleaning Service

Live in a hard to find neighborhood? No problem! We’re familiar with the region and serve many neighborhoods in the Mchenry IL area!

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