Mold Remediation Lake Geneva WI

Mold Remediation in Lake Geneva WI
Mold Removal in Lake Geneva WI

When your items or drywall gets plagued with mold, it might seem like your only option is to replace them. But don’t that until you consult with us at Healthy Home Mold Services Inc! Using our signature two-step mold removal system, we can save you both time and money. Our unique system removes mold staining and the mold spores themselves, along with cleaning the excess mold that is in your air. And often, it is able to recover many of your affected possessions too.

Our Unique Two Step Mold Removal Process

Step 1: When enough mold has accumulated to be visible and cause staining, it’s important to eliminate that first. Effective on tile, concrete, drywall, and wood, this first step involves a sodium hypochlorite cleaner specifically targeting the unique properties of mold. Because it targets the mold, your drywall isn’t affected and can often be saved. Even though it may seem like a drastic last result, removing and replacing your drywall isn’t always a mold remediation solution. Instead, our cleaning product removes mold without hurting your paint from your ceilings or walls. This step does involve some volatile organic compounds, which are neutralized via step two of the process.

Step 2: The second step of the process uses a non-mechanical air scrubbing product that attracts airborne particles such as dust and mold through static charges. This non-toxic, biodegradable product is delivered by fogging so that it infiltrates your entire structure, then slowly falls to ground pulling out the harmful airborne particles with it. We then have a certified technician clean the air and your surfaces with a HEPA filtration vacuum. The end result is clean, fresh air that’s mold free!

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That mold on your drywall doesn’t stand a chance against our mold cleaning process. Often, drywall mold appears in areas of high humidity, and often the wall itself has not been part of a water damage event. In these cases, your drywall can be saved! Instead of a lengthy, costly removal and replacement, we treat your walls and ceilings with our special mold remediation product. Most of the time, you won’t even need to repaint once we’re through! Before calling someone to remove your drywall, call us and we’ll come by to your property to see if we can do mold removal without having to destroy your drywall to save you time and money and an extensive cleanup job.


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Mold Removal On Contents

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If you have items that are moldy, let us take a look at them before you throw them out. Frequently, our certified mold removal technians can salvage items such as clothing, furniture, leather, shoes, and much more so you can have them back mold free.

Attic Mold Removal

Attic Mold Remediation in Lake Geneva WI

Attic mold can be particularly hard to remove because it often takes a significant amount before you notice that there is a problem. Mold can appear from moisture entering your property through a leaky roof, poor ventilation, or simply condensation accumulation. First, our crew makes sure that what you see really is mold. if so, they’re trained to find and identify the source of moisture eliminate the problem, then go straight to work on the mold removal process.

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