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Mold Inspection Crystal LakeNeed a mold inspection in Crystal Lake?

If you think you may have a mold problem, the first step is to have a mold inspection in Crystal Lake performed by a Certified Mold Inspector from Healthy Home Mold Services Inc. During the inspection, your inspector will do a complete visual inspection of your property to identify areas of mold or moisture. Photos are taken of the areas of concern, along with mold testing as needed.

What does your mold testing include?

Mold testing is used to help determine the existence and extent of a mold problem. Surface samples can be taken to determine if a substance is mold, and what type of mold it is. Air quality testing is used to measure the number of mold spores in your indoor environment. There are frequently mold spores in the air as a part of the natural fungal ecology, so we compare your indoor samples to an outdoor sample we take as a baseline.

Once your mold testing results are returned from the lab, we send you a copy of the lab report along with your inspector’s written report. If mold remediation is necessary, we will write up a plan of action you can use to do the mold removal yourself or hire a mold remediation contractor. We can also give you a written estimate of the mold cleanup if you would like to hire us for Mold Removal.

Our complete mold inspection includes:

  • Full visual inspection of your home by a Certified Mold Inspector to document mold issues and excess water/humidity problems that can contribute to mold growth
  • Lab testing of mold like substances to determine if the substances are mold and what type
  • Air quality testing including an outdoor control sample to determine the number and quantity of outdoor mold spores to compare to indoor air samples
  • Ongoing consulting throughout the duration of your project including mold remediation guidelines and referrals to contractors
  • Discounted wholesale rate of $300 (deducting the coupon on our website) includes 2 lab samples. Additional samples are $75 each if desired. We have the guaranteed lowest rates.

When should I get mold testing done?

Mold testing can be a useful tool as a part of your complete mold inspection. Here are some scenarios to consider:

  • Visible mold is present, however the mold spore count in the area is within normal ranges
  • Visible mold is present, and the mold spore count in the area is elevated. Additional air samples can help determine how far from the source the mold spores have spread
  • Visible mold is present and the type of elevated mold spores found in the air sample are different from the type of visible mold. Another mold source needs to be considered
  • There is no visible sign of mold, however mold spore counts in the air are elevated
  • There is a question as to whether a substance or stain is mold. This frequently happens with suspected attic mold during real estate transaction. Some contractors will just write a mold removal bid without actually first verifying that the stain is actually mold.

Who can help me with mold testing in Crystal Lake?

Your Certified Mold Inspector will discuss how mold testing can help you understand your mold situation. Without testing, it can be difficult to determine the extent of cleanup necessary. For example, if your basement has a mold problem, does that automatically mean that you need mold remediation on your main floor as well? If you have surface mold removed or drywall replaced, are there excess mold spores that need to be remediated as well?

Some contractors will propose too little work, like replacing drywall only, or too much work, like selling you a whole home mold cleaning project. Call today for a free phone consultation and we’ll help you make a plan.


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