Attic Mold Removal Crystal Lake IL

Mold upstairs? Choose us for attic mold removal in Crystal Lake!

Since 1998 our system has provided a completed mold removal system using unique, non-toxic and biodegradable products created specifically for the removal of mold spores. In addition, our engineers have developed groundbreaking methods and equipment to ensure the best possible restoration of treated areas. Our system reduces labor, saving you money. With a specialized cleaner that can get into the roots (hyphae), many structures can be saved. Do not get talked into replacing your roof due to mold without getting a second opinion first. 

Attic mold can go unnoticed for a long time

Most people don’t realize they have attic mold until they put their house up for sale. A potential buyer hires a home inspector, the home inspector goes in your attic, and he flags a “mold-like substance” or a “dark stained area” in the attic.

Attic Mold Removal Crystal LakeWhat happens next? The buyer freaks out! Is it mold? Is it THE black mold they see on TV? The buyer may get so rattled by the report that they consider walking away from the deal. Or they see an opportunity to lower their offer on your house by thousands of dollars. If you hire a fly by night so-called “mold remediator”, prepare for a possible lawsuit. Our warranty protects the buyer, the seller and the agent.

Our unique mold removal system is amazing!

We are the only company in the area using a unique system to remove mold and mold staining. Using advanced technology we can complete an attic project in a matter of HOURS not DAYS. Our non-destructive system can also be used to clean basement mold, crawlspace mold, or bathroom mold.

  • Step 1: Protect Your Home
    • We put down protective canvas from the from the front door to the workspace
  • Step 2: Attic Mold and Stain Removal
    • We treat the wood with GM6000 which removes all visible mold and penetrates the wood to eliminate the root structure. We do not use encapsulation products to paint over your wood
  • Step 3: Attic Fogging
    • Our Certified Technicians fog the attic with a non-toxic, biodegradable product to remove mold spores
  • Step 4: Final Inspection and Issuance of Warranty

We do free attic inspections in Crystal Lake–including the lab report

Go and check your attic RIGHT NOW. If you are afraid of heights, the dark, or squirrels, no worries! Just call us and we’ll send one of our brave young men up there to see what’s going on. If there are any areas of concern, he will send a surface sample to a certified laboratory. They will tell us if the area in question is mold and if so, what type. We’ll write up a report of what you need to do to get RID of it. This mold inspection and lab testing is a $325 value! This free offer may be discontinued at any time as our schedule books up, so call as soon as possible.

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