Attic Mold Removal Algonquin IL

When should you have attic mold removal in Algonquin?

By choosing Healthy Home Mold Services Inc for your attic mold removal in Algonquin, you’re choosing a crew of professionals that make sure to do the job right. For nearly 20 years, we’ve used a proprietary system for complete mold removal that’s not only non-toxic, but biodegradable too. These mold removal products are specifically designed to target and remove mold spores. Unlike many other mold remediation companies, our efforts are typically long-lasting, because we use the right products and techniques the first time.

Why did attic mold appear in my property? Mold can get into your home in a few ways. One is if you have poor ventilation. This could be due to blocked vents or other means. Poor ventilation also includes bathroom fans that go into the attic instead of venting outside. Condensation and increased moisture levels are the other most common ways. This can be due to a leaky roof, condensation from roof sheathing, or many other situations that create this environment.

Attic Mold Removal Algonquin

Attic Mold Remediation Algonquin

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Frequently Asked Questions About Attic Mold

Is ‘encapsulation’ a method you use for attic mold removal?

No, when we do mold removal, we don’t use encapsulation. IICRC S520 states:  “Using encapsulants and sealants is discouraged. Remediators need to consider that the application of certain encapsulant or sealant products may change the permeability of materials, cause condensation problems in the building assembly (trap moisture) and result in future deterioration and potential liability issues.  Use of encapsulants may impede, mask or invalidate an inspection for dust and debris.”

How can encapsulants be harmful?

The IICRC goes on to say that “Sealants and encapsulants that have been applied without a complete cleanup of mold growth may result in the necessity of sanding off or removing the encapsulant or sealant in order to properly remediate the mold growth.  These compounds may contain nitrogen that helps support future mold growth.  Encapsulants may also alter the surface flammability characteristics of certain materials.” Furthermore, unethical contractors may propose an impressive list of steps they claim they will perform during your remediation project (sand or wire brush the area, HEPA vacuum, spray biocides, use a stain removal product, and then encapsulated with a white colored substance). In reality, they paint over the mold with white paint and hand you the bill. They may even tell you that there’s no hope and you need to get your roof replaced; something you should never have done without a second opinion.

Do you fog biocides as part of your process?

We do not fog biocides in your home.  Biocides can leave a chemical residue in your home and even if a contractor claims they will ‘kill’ the mold, the mold may not be eliminated throughout the home. And unfortunately, mold is allergenic and toxigenic whether dead or alive. IICRC states: “Using antimicrobials during mold remediation is discouraged.  Antimicrobials are products applied into or onto a material to “suppress or retard” future mold growth.  Treatments may interfere with post-remediation verification and are generally ineffective on porous and semi-porous materials.”

If you don’t use biocides or encapsulants, what do you use?

Mold growing on wood grows roots (called hyphae) into the wood and these structures can extend 3/16 to 1/2 inch into the substrate. If you only address the mold visible on the surface, the roots will remain. Some contractors attempt to remove the mold by sanding or wire brushing the wood, or by dry ice blasting. These techniques are incredibly time consuming and can be expensive. Our exclusive GM6000 product is formulated to eliminate the hyphae, or root system, of the mold.  It works as a non-mechanical air scrubber and is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable. Our system reduces labor, saving you money, while also keeping you and your family safe.


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